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  A Ford Enthusiast Club is an organization of owners and enthusiasts of vehicles made by Ford Motor Company. This Club holds meetings, rallies, and events from time to time whereby members may share their individual interests in Ford vehicles. The Club promotes the common interests of the membership in various ways, including sponsoring rallies and events, distributing publications, and operating an internet website.

Please click here if your Club desires to utilize Ford Motor Company trademarks on the Club's website and/or in the Club website's URL address or domain name, and in association with various Club activities.
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  Ford Motor Company trademarks and vehicle images are some of the most recognized in the world. Ford takes a tremendous amount of pride in this, and considers its trademarks and vehicle images to be among its most valuable assets. In an effort to both enhance and protect the value of the Ford name and image, Ford is constantly engaged in both promoting its trademarks and policing their use to ensure persons and businesses authorized to do so use the trademarks in an acceptable manner.

If you and/or your organization wish to utilize Ford Motor Company trademarks and or vehicles in a book, magazine, promotion, advertisement, website or any other medium, please click here to begin the process of obtaining the necessary permission.